Last year I performed at the Popronde – a tour for upcoming bands and artists in about 30 cities in the Netherlands. What struck me, was that most artists are working for years on one album. Instead, I had recorded my debut album in seven days – though some of the songs were a few years old already. But what if I would make an EP with new songs every season of the year?

Together with Denis Wouters, I made Part of the Plan for Spring and Fall/Awake for the Summer of 2012. You can listen to the songs and download them for free at bandcamp. At the same time people can add things to the songs; remixes, recipes, photos, sketches etcetera. The objects are saved in the digital archive of each song.


Read the article at 3voor12 Amsterdam about Part of the Plan right here.

I was here (when we released Part of the Plan at the
\|/ Frisse Moed Festival \|/ in de Buurtboerderij in Amsterdam):