The Bird’s-Eye View

As a tour guide in the Westertoren, Zuidertoren and Oudekerkstoren in Amsterdam,
I am used to see the city from above. People from all over the world are visiting the tower.
I tell them stories about the city. Most of the time the visitors compare Amsterdam to their own
dwelling place, which gives me a lot of insight into other countries, habits, languages
and traditions. Every time I get up the tower, Amsterdam has slightly changed.

The VPRO knows this too. The Netherlands is beautiful from above. For their crossmedia project Nederland van Boven they filmed the country from above with a helicopter and made interactive maps about daily life in Holland.  Stamen, a company based in San Fransisco made beautiful data visualizations for the project. On their website with maps, you’ll find hand drawn maps of the cities of the world.

I am here: