Urban Dialogues. Media Interventions as Assembling Devices.

This summer, I finished my MA thesis Urban Dialogues. Media Interventions as Assembling Devices, published here as pdf.

Cities have always been spaces of friction where people encounter others as strangers in physical public space, and must find a way to deal with each other. Mediating the tensions between different urban publics has been one of the most difficult projects since the earliest days of urbanization. One way of addressing these tensions, is by means of urban media interventions. These interventions can be understood as artistic practices that assemble new urban publics of strangers, by the creative and critical use of media technologies. Their opportunities and challenges are being discussed in the discourses about tactical media and dialogic art, that expose urban media interventions from different fields of study.

In this thesis, three case studies of urban media interventions will be analysed by means of a theoretical framework that consists of theories and concepts developed in media studies, art theory, philosophy and urban sociology. In this way, this thesis investigates how urban media interventions that operate in today’s cities allow for urban dialogues.

Keywords: urban publics, media interventions, urban assemblages, tactical media, dialogic art


Urban Media Intervention: INSIDE OUT project
Urban Media Intervention: INSIDE OUT project



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