Port of Call

On June 7th, we’ll celebrate the release of Port of Call’s new album ‘Clear Memories’ and perform the songs at … Meer

Moving through the Middle

Over the last months I followed the research of choreographer Amos Ben-Tal and artist/architect Gosse de Kort, with dancer Genevieve … Meer


Katía Truijen is a media theorist and musician based in the high-speed train between Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Since 2014, she … Meer

Modern Love in Felix Meritis

Event: Twintigersdilemma Ik of de Ander. Over de moderne liefdesrelatie. In Felix in de Steigers. Presentation on the The Life … Meer

As We Read

As We Read is a website with a growing collection of reading lists about art and design. The reading lists range from … Meer

Unlike Us #3

Unlike Us #3 on the politics of social media was organized by the Institute of Network Cultures. A report of … Meer

Amsterdam a-whereness

In 2011 I wrote Amsterdam A-whereness, a thesis on the hybrid city as a collective memory. You can read it … Meer

Transmedia Storytelling

For Virtueel Platform, I wrote Transmediaal Werken in Nederland, a reader about transmedia storytelling in the Netherlands. The research dossier … Meer

/|\ Het Verval /|\

On Saturday the 21st of September, we celebrated /|\ HET VERVAL /|\  with more than 15 acts including bands, DJ’s, … Meer