More info:  www.soundslikekatia.nl 

Katía’s music sounds like walking through the city, without knowing where you are going. The songs may take you to a public square, an abandoned alley, her house or a hidden garden. Along the way you might run into familiar strangers, sweet ingredients, pink skies, old trees and sore feet.

In 2011 Katía released her debut album Sights in Paradiso in Amsterdam. From 2012-2014 she created an EP for every season of the year together with her band. Part of the Plan (Spring), Fall/Awake (Summer), Hide The House (Autumn) and Boats to Go (Winter) are available on Katía’s bandcamp. The full story can be read (and listened to) here on Medium.

Katia November op de Boerderij 006 Mcklin small